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Seagate Pulsar SSDSeagate is one of the top manufacturers of hard drive since it started with its 5MB ST-506 drive in 1980. It was the first ever hard drive to be manufactured at 5.25-inch. The company was a big time player in the microcomputer market during the same decade and it only became bigger upon the release of IBM XT in 1983. It successfully bought the Imprimis division of the Control Data Corporation in 1989. The said division was famous for making the Wren product line. The acquisition gave Seagate the opportunity to use Wren’s voicecoil-based technology. Two years after, the company launched the 7,200 RPM Barracuda line, which is still quite popular until today. In 2006, the company also acquired Maxtor.

In 2009, Seagate produced its first SSDs that took advantage and maximized the use of non-volatile flash memory. The company’s first SSDs were intended for the enterprise market and featured general server and blade applications. In 2010, a solid state hybrid drive designed for laptops was released. It was famous for its distinct algorithm that teaches the drive to identify which files are most in demand by the user, which allows it to separate the most used files in the on-board flash memory for quick access.

Seagate’s devices are designed to work well with high performance laptop and desktop systems as well as with thin laptops and netbooks. Its memory devices are available various sizes. Among the company’s achievements is that it was the first one to release a 2TB model 7,200 RPM desktop hard drive and the 2.5-inch drive encased in a 7mm casing. This is why the company is recognized for its innovative products with excellent capacities, encrypted security features, and industry leading performance.